Thursday, 9 December 2021

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Thursday, 9 December 2021
Rep training to 'change forever'

Rep training across the Australian pharma industry is being disrupted with experts warning those who don't embrace the change will be left behind.

Roche's $2 billion bet arrives
Targeted oncology drug makes first TGA appearance
Drug class contamination fear
Two company's products under a cloud as TGA investigates
Yes, meds sovereignty is a race
Lack of Aussie manufacturing options sends business offshore
Pharma lifts the lid on WFH
Employees embrace new priorities ahead of work
7 December
Sell-off rumours circle AZ
Reports the company thinking of dipping out of the Covid vax business
December 7
Great Resignation about to bite?
Aussie pharma on the brink of upheaval as pandemic fall out takes hold
6 December
Staff gifts? Who's playing Santa
Companies delivering early Christmas presents to workers
6 November
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PM blasted for pharma closures
Australia in danger of losing crucial skilled local workers
8 December
Political spat over Pfizer spirals
More emails point to government dithering over vax
8 December
PBS listing winners 2021
Which companies won the most reimbursements
8 December
Gilead snags top Janssen exec
Leader switches companies after more than a decade
8 December
Sanofi's virtual Christmas cheer
Sign of the times as the festive giving season goes digital
8 December
Inclusion programs not helping
Claims 'rampant sexism' in Australian science is getting worse
8 December
Thumbs up for fifth Covid drug
Plans to deploy an Aussie MSL team once Govt supply deal is signed
7 December
PRIME under fire from PRs
Award withheld for two years running sparks industry disquiet
7 December
Blockbusters fend off generics
Court action piles up as companies thrash out patent validity
7 December
Organon makes history, already
Six months young and the company has scored a 'first'
7 December
Janssen's 'queue jumping' plan
New report aims to stop Aussies waiting longer for meds
December 6
Zimmerman lines up new target
Next inquiry delves into a disease affecting thousands of children
6 December
TGA cancels second Christmas
Comirnaty for kids expected to roll out from early January
6 December
AZ, Pfizer add new drugs
TGA approves Pfizer drug ahead of March PBAC meet
6 December
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pif 20K
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