Thursday, 9 December 2021

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Thursday, 09 December 2021

Welcome to the new-style Pharma in Focus

In the 18-plus years since Pharma in Focus was first published, we’ve written more than 20,000 stories on Aussie pharma.

For sheer longevity, experience and breadth of knowledge, it’s impossible to beat a record like that.

And we plan to go on building on that record for many years to come.

But they say change is inevitable – and good change is always welcome. That’s why we’ve stepped out with a new, updated style.

New look with added benefits

New-style Pharma in Focus delivers not just a cleaner, more visually appealing look but also a cross platform responsive design that reads smoothly and easily no matter what device you use.

Enhanced security

When Pharma in Focus began, password systems were primitive, complicated and insecure, so we ensured readers didn’t have to wrestle with such barriers.

But since then, password systems have improved so we’re joining the crowd.

Why? In a word, security. Your Pharma in Focus password will be yours alone. It’s fully encrypted so we don’t even know what it is. It means no-one but you will be able to access your editions of Pharma in Focus. And your subscriber account will be even more secure with every personal detail fully encrypted.

Setting up your password is simple and flexible, not to mention something we’re all used to these days. Once it’s established, your Pharma in Focus access won’t be interrupted unless you’re offline for more than a month and then it’s dead simple to restore.

Unchanged focus

The changes we’re making are important to ensure you can get the best from your Pharma in Focus, but one thing won’t change: our focus on your news needs.

Pharma in Focus’ coverage is influenced by daily readership measures that ensure we deliver what you want to read.

And it works. Over each week of the most recent three months, Pharma in Focus has been read by 85% per cent of potential readers on average.

This record can’t be matched by any other publication. Pharma in Focus remains the most influential, most trusted news service in the pharma space.

Welcome to our new era.

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