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Generics warned not to spend price increases
Reimbursement: Generic companies that benefitted from price increases recently granted by Sussan Ley have been warned not to pass the revenue on to pharmacies.
Govt backs industry projects
Industry Support: The government has announced $7.4m in funding for selected projects across the pharma and med tech sector, some involving major pharmacos.
Ley calls for meds management trials
Pharmacy: Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced a second tranche of pharmacy trials to cover medicines and disease management and screening for cardiovascular disease.
UK beats Aust to fund Opdivo for kidney cancer
Reimbursement: Next month's PBAC will consider a submission from BMS to fund Opdivo for kidney cancer but the UK's NICE has got in ahead.
Pharmacy Review swamped by submissions
Retail Reform: Over 500 submissions have been received since the September 23 deadline and the Health Department has warned of delays in publishing them online.
EMA opens clinical reports to public
Transparency: The EMA has introduced open access to clinical reports for new medicines authorised in the EU with implications for Australia's regulatory reform plans.
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Court disrupts patent landscape
Legal: Federal Court decision throws the right of local licensees to defend patent infringements into question.
MA code accused of silencing patients
Self-Regulation: Rare Cancers Patient Voice consultant says the pharma/patient interaction element of the code needs to be changed - but MA says it's just reflecting Therapeutic Goods Act requirements and welcomes a discussion.
PBAC chair offers radical access ideas
Medicines Access: Professor Andrew Wilson sets out his personal views on different ways to speed up access to drugs for rare cancers.
MA code hindering us, agencies say
Self-Regulation: Marketing agencies working with pharmaceutical companies in Australia say the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct is having a significant impact on their ability to provide a service for their clients.
TGA reveals new approval paths
Regulatory Reform: Provisional review will skip the need for full phase III data in an attempt to get 'promising new medicines' to market earlier.
Ley discovers new gen GPs
Policy: As the Health Care Homes trials begin, Health Minister Sussan Ley told Parliament the scheme will allow 'innovative methods of practice' like more pharmacist involvement in general practice.
Remicade biosim switch effective
Medicines Safety: Year-long government-backed survey shows biosimilar is not inferior to the originator reference.
GSK backs more manufacturing
Manufacturing: GSK has deepened its partnership with the Victorian government and Monash University by supporting a Medicine Manufacturing Innovation Centre being announced today.
Shareholders tick chemist merger
Retail: Terry White says its shareholders unanimously approved the merger with Chemmart at an extraordinary general meeting held on Friday.
Approvals Action
Generics makers add to brands
In a week when originators stayed on the sidelines generics makers added new brands to the ARTG.
Pipeline Monitor
Roche given FDA go-ahead in lung cancer
Roche has received approval to enter the second-line NSCLC race against BMS and MSD while Shire gains access to the pancreatic cancer market in Europe with Onivyde.
Debating Point
Australia's hidden 'free' drug system
Australia's pharmaceutical industry is giving away billions of dollars worth of drugs each year and almost no-one outside industry and government knows about it.
Debating Point
Time to come out of the closet - again
The public face of the pharmaceutical industry is often under discussion inside the industry itself, perhaps no more so than at present but do attempts to raise pharma's public profile in a positive way actually work?
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