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PBAC springs cancer surprises
Reimbursement: The PBAC has made two cancer drug recommendations for submissions that not published in its original agenda for March.
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GSK pulls Cervarix from Australia
Medicines Supply: HPV vax will be withdrawn from Australia by early 2018, aping a similar decision by GSK's US arm last year and leaving MSD's Gardasil alone in the local market.
Pharma accused of Sesame Street conspiracy
Reputation: The introduction of a new autistic character on children's TV show Sesame Street has brought out the anti-vaxxers who claim it's pharma conspiracy to 'normalise vaccine injury'.
Can you trust your employer? Depends on size, say pharma workers
Employment: How loyal Aussie pharmacos are to their employees depends on how many people they employ, according to the latest employer report card.
Generic payout to Bayer more than predicted
Litigation: The damages bill Generic Health and Lupin face over their infringement of Bayer's Yasmin patent is even bigger than was estimated when the decision was first brought down - and costs have yet to be awarded.
Melbourne takes biotech crown
Patents: IP blog Patentology crunched 16 years of IP Australia patent data and created 'hotspot' maps showing Melbourne to be Australia's biotechnology capital.
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'Great office, shame about the pay' says latest Aussie pharma report card
Employment: Australian pharmaceutical employers provide a great working environment with a positive culture but up to a quarter of employees are unhappy with their pay, the latest Aussie pharma report card reveals.
Janssen reconsidering diabetes
Companies: A slowdown in pharmaceutical sales, in particular for key cardiovascular and diabetes products, saw a slump in Janssen's Q1 2017 results and the company now investigating options for its flagging diabetes unit.
Pharma staff rate their employers
Employment: Pharma in Focus asked industry employees to rate their working conditions and management for our latest white paper, due to be published tomorrow. Early findings show careers in pharma are long but companies face challenges in retaining talent.
Pfizer misses in Apotex appeal
Patents: Pfizer's appeal against a decision in a landmark patent case involving painkiller Lyrica has been dismissed by the full Federal Court.
Drug shorts continue to plague hospitals
Medicines Access: Chronic rolling shortages of key drugs are a blight on Australian hospitals but bringing them to an end requires major changes to a complex system.
Biosim education before policy change says AbbVie boss
Biosimilars: Doctors and pharmacists need better education about biosimilars before any planned policy changes kick in says AbbVie boss Kirsten O'Doherty.
'Good job - keep it up!' pharma employees tell bosses
Employment: People working in Australian pharmaceutical companies have increasing confidence in their company leadership and their direct manager with most saying the leaders are doing a great job.
CSL to seek listing for Afstyla
Blood Products: CSL has confirmed it will ask the National Blood Authority to list newly approved haemophilia A treatment Afstyla.
Merck grants $150K for local cancer research
Industry Support: Merck Biopharma Australia has established a $150K grant to be awarded over two years, which it says will support Australian clinical research into gastrointestinal cancer.
Drs warn on skilled visa changes
Healthcare Practitioners: GPs remain on the skilled occupations list in the government's immigration reforms but doctor groups say 457 visa holders should not be disadvantaged by the change.
Pipeline Monitor
FDA shoots down Olumiant
The FDA has surprised by rejecting Lilly and Incyte's oral rheumatoid arthritis drug Olumiant, diverging from the EU's approval of the drug in February.
Approvals Action
Keytruda wins another indication
The TGA has revealed the granting of a new indication to MSD's blockbuster cancer drug Keytruda and CSL's new product Afstyla has been approved for treating haemophilia A.
Debating Point
What couldn't we do if we tried?
Industry incubator MTP Connect and the CSIRO may have laid out an ambitious industry roadmap but it doesn't disguise the effort that will be needed from all stakeholders if the destination is to be reached.
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