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Hep C meds double predicted take-up
PBS: Experts say new hep C drugs have reached more patients in the six months since PBS listing than was expected for the whole of the first year.
The five PBS categories that earn $1bn+
Reimbursement: Five drug categories, each earning over $1 billion a year dominate the PBS but most are not growing the latest figures show.
TGA reveals filings increase
Regulatory: TGA's own performance report card shows broadly faster approval times over three years and an increase in applications in 2015-16 after a noticeable decline the previous year.
Major changes proposed for R&D tax incentive
Innovation: An official review of the R&D tax incentive has proposed major changes that could affect pharma, bringing a cautious response from MA.
Pharmac could publish funding applications
Reimbursement: Applications for drug funding by New Zealand's Pharmac would be published under a proposed new application system, potentially providing insights into what the funding body was likely to pay for medicines.
New diabetes guidelines don't change drugs
Therapy Trends: New type 2 diabetes treatment guidelines for GPs emphasise support for patients but don't advise any new drug regimes.
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Pfizer decides not to split
Companies: After years of speculation Pfizer has announced it will not split itself into two separate companies.
Smoke and mirrors behind political message on Oct PBS price cuts
Reimbursement: Determined to maximise any political advantage from medicine price cuts, the government is playing smoke and mirrors with its public messages.
Roundtable seeks way forward for 'disconnected' Aussie pharma
Exclusive - Government Relations: Last Friday, Pharma in Focus convened a roundtable of senior industry executives to address Aussie pharma's troubled relationship with government. With help from former PM and Health Minister Tony Abbott, the event delivered new clarity around troubling issues and proposed solutions.
Biosim awareness: Drs may get incentive
Biosimilars: Plans are underway to possibly tie continuing professional development points to biosimilar education for HCPs.
Underlying PBS growth less than 3%
Reimbursement: The PBS headline growth is 17.5% according to the latest stats but take out new hep C drugs and it's a different story.
PBS reform gains slipping away
Reimbursement: 'Robbing Peter to pay Paul' in the PBS will soon no longer be enough to make the scheme sustainable senior pharma execs have said.
Anmeal promises $75K boost to pharmacies
Generics: Generics company celebrates two years in Australia with a proprietary dose administration aid it says can boost pharmacy margins.
Pipeline Monitor
Stelara gains Crohn's disease approval
Janssen has received US approval for its biological therapy Stelara in Crohn's disease in adults while the EU green lights Allergan's Truberzi for IBS-D.
Debating Point
PBS restructure: essential but impossible?
Pharma in Focus' executive roundtable held last Friday revealed significant reasons why the PBS is in need of a thoroughgoing restructure but also exposed why it may be impossible to achieve.
Approvals Action
Janssen, BMS, Biogen, CSL boost portfolios
The drugs register has seen a good deal of activity during the week with five new products being approved including new doses of existing drugs.
Debating Point
Reg reform: even if it's good, it's only half the job
As industry braces for three years of regulatory reform, welcome as it may be, the question arises whether, for medicines access it's only half the job that needs to be done.
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