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Pharma achieves perfection
Reputation: The shrinking trend in MA code complaints appears to have come to its natural conclusion with a total of zero determinations for the quarter to June this year.
Heart attack costs AbbVie $150m
Product Liability: AbbVie has been ordered by a US court to pay a man who had a heart attack while taking AndroGel USD150m, even though the company was found neither negligent nor liable.
Why Drs don't prescribe your product
Marketing: Inherent biases or taking short-cuts in decision-making could be why doctors do not prescribe your product, an Australian behavioural scientist says.
MS pushes Biogen to record result
Companies: Biogen has reported record quarterly revenues of USD3.1 billion and raised full year revenue guidance on the back of growing MS drug sales.
FY PBS results expose two-speed scheme
Reimbursement: PBS spending data for the financial year to 30 June, released today, show that the scheme has two faces: big top-line growth but disguised decline across most categories.
Hospital operator plots huge pharmacy expansion
Retail: Best known for its massive private hospital business, Ramsay Health Care is planning a ten-fold boost to its community pharmacy presence.
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Trust deficit hits Drs who disclose pharma links
Reputation: Doctors who disclose receiving industry payments are considered less trustworthy than doctors who do not disclose, and the more they're paid, the worse it gets, says new research.
Head offices fear massive PBS clawback bills
Reimbursement: Commonwealth intervention in patent defences has the head offices of global pharmas questioning their investment in Australia a parliamentary inquiry has heard.
Vast wave of first-in-class drugs coming
Pipeline: On the basis that they have unique mechanisms of action almost three-quarters of all medicines in development worldwide are potentially first-in-class.
Valium tampering probe stalls
Medicines Safety: Nearly two months after the TGA announced product recalls as a result of Valium tampering, police are still waiting for more information from Symbion.
Novartis plans biosim domination
Biosimilars: Novartis is aiming to dominate the RA biosimilar space overseas but the picture looks significantly different in Australia.
Pfizer downgraded on lacklustre pipeline
Patent Cliff: Pfizer's top earner Lyrica is due to lose exclusivity from next week. With little else in its pipeline, analysts are getting nervous the pharma giant's prospects are weakening.
Industry questions point of using off-shore regulators
Reg Reform: Major companies are questioning whether the TGA's plan to use 'comparable overseas regulators' in medicines evaluation could actually slow the process down.
Ferring takes new nocturia med private for now
Launches: Ferring has said that it will not be seeking reimbursement for its recently approved nocturia treatment Nocdurna this year although it may do so in the future.
GPs targeted in codeine blame game
Addiction: Guild executive director David Quilty turns addiction allegations back on GPs protesting against attempts to retain OTC availability for some customers.
Script painkillers lead in opioid deaths
Research: A new report has found the rate of accidental death from prescription opioids in Australia continues to grow.
MA code causes deafening silence
The absence of complaints under the MA code of conduct in the most recent quarter appears pretty impressive but it can be understood in a number of ways.
Approvals Action
Sanofi's dengue vax registered in global first
Dengvaxia has been approved in Australia for immunisation against Dengue, often called 'bone break' fever before either the US or EU.
Pipeline Monitor
Janssen's Humira-topping med approved
After a shortened review process, Janssen's new, first-up IL-23 blocker has been approved for severe plaque psoriasis in the US.
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